The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing and evolving industries in the world. The booming industry invites individuals and social groups from all over the world to visit various hotels in any location and accommodate them easily. With the constant hustle and bustle in every hotel, it is imperative to offer an infrastructure of each accommodation that should be accessible to each and every one. The accommodation should be convenient to any person visiting or residing inside the hotel premises, regardless of the social group, status, and physical disability. Therefore, every hotel should consider installing signage on their premises. Additionally, hotels should also perform proper research on the signage that can allow guests to have a seamless experience and exceptional accommodation.  

One of the primary considerations every hotel should adapt to is installing braille and tactile signs in all areas. Universal braille signs allow visually impaired individuals to understand the meaning of the text by simply touching the raised dots. Such visually impaired signage can facilitate access and help blind individuals to move around the hotel easily. In Sydney, braille signs are installed at every signalised pedestrian crossing. Hotels are also utilising these visually impaired signage to create an accessible accommodation for everyone inside and out of premises. Well-structured braille signage ensures adequate information for people with disabilities.  

At Braille Options, we determine the right size of the signage, engraving areas, colours, and more to ensure hotels can support physically abled and disabled individuals. Our custom braille signs in Melbourne will make your hotel more accessible and convenient for visually impaired individuals.

5 Must-Have Braille Signage For Hotel

Signage is one of the most critical aspects of any hotel business. These creative signs can impact the operation of the building and amplifies the satisfaction of the guests inside the premises. Every signage should be installed properly at an easily accessible place so that guests can easily recognise the areas in the hotel without seeking other’s help.

Installing a standard and custom shaped braille signage indicates that the hotel cares for the safety and convenience of their guest and wants to ensure optimal accommodation, especially for people with visual impairment or physical disability. Additionally, placing signage can also contribute to a more seamless and enhanced experience at the hotel. Braille signage designed for hotels can create a safe and accessible environment for both physically abled and disabled individuals.

1. Restaurant Signs

Every hotel should have signage available on their premises that direct the guests to the restaurant. Braille restaurant signs will allow visually impaired individuals to understand where the restaurant is located. Installing restaurant signs inside the hotel is a great practice and ensures your guests can enjoy a delicious meal at their own convenience.

Resturent Braille Sign

2. Pool Signs

While physically able individuals can locate the swimming pool area, the case is completely different for disabled or visually impaired individuals. Without braille-enabled pool signs, there are high chances of pool accidents. Therefore, having braille-enabled pool signs at the correct place is necessary to avoid casualties.

Pool braille Sign

3. Exit Signs

For every corner and area in any hotel, there will be an exit. You can make things more accessible and safer for visually impaired individuals by placing braille exit signs in every exit area.

Artboard 27

4. Ramps Signs

Ramps are another location where things can quickly go wrong for visually impaired individuals and result in potential injuries. You can easily avoid this by installing a ramp sign with a braille option right before every ramp.

5. Restroom or Toilet Signs

With toilet braille signs, people with eyesight issues can locate the restroom and understand which toilet is gender-specific. 

At Braille Options, we focus on designing quality braille signage that allows visually impaired individuals to live an independent and self-reliant life in Australia. Whether you need ADA compliant toilet signs or braille room number signs, we can design any custom braille signage based on your unique need and according to your hotel space.