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We are the leading name for cutting edge braille signage in Australia with nearly four decades of expertise.

Are you searching for custom braille signage and tactile signs in Australia to make your place of business friendly for visually impaired people? At Braille Options, we design, fabricate, and supply high-quality braille and tactile signs for individuals and businesses.

Why Braille?

Studies show that more than 575,000 people in Australia struggle with blindness or vision impairment. For them, braille is the only option to read the signboards with their fingers and guide themselves without seeking the help of others. With just six dots, braille translates into numbers, symbols, and letters of the alphabet.

Braille Options offers both custom and standard braille signs. We manufacture and supply an excellent range of braille signage that are friendly to people who are wheelchair bound as well.

What Makes Our Braille And Tactile Signs Unique?

Braille Options manufacture all the braille and tactile signs in-house by employing the latest technologies. Our plant is equipped to cut and print custom shapes and standard plates for your requirements from a range of materials, including plastic sheets, metal plates, and polycarbonates.

We also have 3 UV printers with the maximum table size of 250×600 mm to print onto your panels. Our products are fully compliant with the current Australian Standards AS1428. Our in-house production standards ensure a fast turnaround for your products and a quicker delivery.

While offering excellent quality braille signage, we also ensure that our products are highly affordable to our customers and are of top quality by using modern technology and novel manufacturing standards.

Explore Our Range Of Products

As a leading destination for braille sign supplies in Australia, we offer an excellent range of signs under various categories. You can choose accessible signs, male signs, female signs, unisex signs, miscellaneous signs, and exit signs.

Do you have any custom braille and tactile sign requirements and searching for affordable choices? Contact us today; we are happy to design and fabricate signs based on your needs. We service all cities in Australia so if you are looking for braille signs in Brisbane/Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or anywhere else please get in touch for a free consultation.

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Call us today on (07) 4157 7107 to consult with our signage specialists on your requirements. You can also write to us with queries and requirement using our contact form.

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Originally developed by the French military nearly 200 years ago, Braille has since been adopted as the universal system of communication for people with visual impairments and is probably in more common usage than you might expect. In Australia, public areas and businesses utilise braille signage to direct customers and visitors with vision impairment. From elevator buttons to public telephones and on signs in hotels, restaurants and shops, Braille is omnipresent as it is such a valuable aid to the visually impaired community.

Based on a system of 6 raised dots originally made only on paper, users of braille would be able to determine letters and numbers by feeling the dots with their finger-tips, unique combinations of the 6 dots representing alpha-numeric characters.

And with well over half a million residents of Australia registered as blind or living with some serious form of visual impairment, more and more braille signage is in use, and here at Braille Options we produce and supply custom and standard braille signs for all situations. Braille toilet signs for men and women (or gender neutral), exit signs, stairs exit signs and hearing assistance braille signs are all in our extensive catalogue – amongst a myriad of others, but if there is a sign that you require that you aren’t able to find in our catalogue, we can make it for you. You do not have to be limited in your choice either – fonts, colours, shapes are all available at your discretion and we can even match any existing signs that you have that need complementing by the addition of more.

Our braille and tactile signs are all made in house at our base in Queensland, and we utilise our UV printers to print on plastic, metal and for a really durable braille sign, on polycarbonate. We can even print on your own pre-painted compliant panels and manufacture them to your requirements.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in the business and the use of the most modern technologies, Braille Options has established itself as one of Australia’s premier producers of Braille and tactile signs. We can guarantee a rapid turnaround of your order and combine that with express delivery around the country to ensure your needs are met with the minimum of delays. And naturally all of our products are fully compliant with required Australian standards.

The implementation of braille signs in your public space or building can really make a difference in the quality of life for those who live with visual impairments. The ability to successfully navigate around a hotel, hospital or library, and to find the correct toilet or rest room without the need of a guide is empowering and affords a level of freedom and independence that would be lacking without braille signs.

At Braille Options, we believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities in life, and that is why we are working hard to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired people in Australia. We manufacture and sell braille signage, including custom braille signs. All our braille signs comply with industry and government standards and can be used throughout your business. We sell wholesale braille signs, which are particularly useful for braille exit signs in larger buildings such as office blocks or shopping malls.

Of course, we appreciate that, along with standard braille signage; you may require custom braille signs that are tailored to your business requirements. We have recently added hearing assistance braille signs to our range, providing essential help to those suffering from hearing and visual impairments. As industry experts, we also appreciate that some people may be unaware of where braille signs should be located, and our team will be delighted to offer any advice or help you may require. We, like many others, are incredibly grateful for your efforts.

Braille signs are a legal requirement in modern elevators, but they are becoming increasingly common in other places. As we stock wholesale braille signs, we always have the most popular signs, such as braille exit signs, available. We can quickly manufacture custom braille signs once you have agreed on the proof. Should you require us to visit your premises to discuss what you may need to make your building a safer and friendlier environment for visually impaired people, we would be happy to do this. Of course, the same applies to hearing assistance braille signs.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact with us to find out how we can help you. We make sure that our prices are most affordable and are happy to deal with requests for wholesale braille signs.

We are at your service.

All braille signage supplied by Braille Options is manufactured in-house to comply with the current Australian Standards AS1428

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